September 19, 2021

Advice needed about my approach.

Advice needed about my approach.

I am in charge of a Greenfield project which will become an e-commerce. One of the restrictions upon is that the site has to be fast, their current website is slow due to the number of third party js they import.

So my idea was to use typescript only, however to make it easier for the others who have not had experience with typescript, I have decided to make some functions the same as jQuery. With this I have said that if there is something missing then feel free to add or let me know about it and I can add it. So things like show/hide, the query selector using the syntax $("#id") etc works. I've got things like find, clone and a few others. The idea is now I don't have to import jQuery into the project which took up around 50kb (not big I know but every little helps), it is roughly 2kb now and I use it throughout my code.

Issue I have is others seem to not respond well to it, especially being typescript. They are more on the lines of "it already exists, why are we doing it again?"

Have I gone off the rails here with this and I should just use standard jQuery. Or am I just going to have to try and explain again how to do it?

Feel like some people just aren't getting it's purpose and don't want to invest the time to make it better.

Am I wrong?

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