May 10, 2021

advice on creating a useful software development roadmap

advice on creating a useful software development roadmap

I have a fundamental idea of what a software development roadmap looks like, but I'm looking for some real-world advice on what's actually useful (and what's not) based on experience. We use github/zenhub/google for organization, and we (attempt to) use "agile" methods for software development — sprints, daily board reviews, etc. Under this approach it's easy to get lost in the weeds of development and lose sight of the bigger picture.

I lead a team of 9 direct reports and about 20 indirect reports. The 9 are divided into 3 teams: Data I/O, Analysis, and Post-processing. The indirects are a mix of stakeholders and contributors to the project.

We're developing a software package for the stakeholders. We have requirements, and some key deliverables defined, but the stakeholders often try to change the process / deliverables — which is fine to a certain degree, but it causes problems when we deviate from the original project.

I inherited this project from another project lead, and there was no clear roadmap. In order to lead these teams effectively, I need a roadmap document that helps keep people oriented toward the deliverables and to provide a cohesive discussion structure with my management.

In your experience with software development, what types of roadmaps / planning documents did you find the most useful, what elements were the most useful to you?

Please feel free to address any part of this question.

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