June 9, 2021

Apple Launches ShazamKit for Audio Recognition Integrations

Apple Launches ShazamKit for Audio Recognition Integrations

Prior to its purchase by Apple in 2017, Shazam had made quite the name for itself in the music recognition business. Hear a song but just don’t know the name? Shazam had your back. Once the company was gobbled up by Apple, this functionality found its way into iOS and has been ubiquitous ever since. 

During this week’s WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, the company announced that it will provide a new development Resource for leveraging the technology that powers Shazam’s audio recognition tools. With the ShazamKit API, third-party application developers will now be able to build products that embrace this powerful functionality. Apple told MacRumors that:

“Develop features in your apps using music recognition and seamlessly connect users to Shazam’s catalog of music. ShazamKit lets you enrich your app experience by letting users find out a song’s name, who sang it, the genre, and more. Learn where in the song the match was found in order to synchronize content with user experiences.”

The ShazamKit documentation outlines how the tool processes audio for speedy recognition:

“ShazamKit uses the unique acoustic signature of an audio recording to find a match. This signature captures the time-frequency distribution of the audio signal energy, and is much smaller than the original audio. It’s also a one-way conversion, so it’s not possible to convert the signature back to the recording.”

Apple Launches ShazamKit for Audio Recognition Integrations

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