September 19, 2021

best coding language for a mobile & web app

best coding language for a mobile & web app

Hi I was hoping to get some coding recommendations and advice. I was recently building a booking mobile app (similar to Fresha or Booksy) which will also have a website (or a web application) counterpart. They will both be in perfect sync, a change in data in one app will automatically lead to a change in another (such as a new booking).

I've hired differently developers whom have given me different conflicting advice on how to build it. One has advised to build it using HTML5, PHP on the web app end and then use an encoder or a porting method to convert it into a mobile app. The other has recommended to first build a mobile app on React Native/Javascript, with backend built on Node JS/MYSQL and then build the Web App counterpart in React – then connect them both in a single database.

Please can help me understand which is the better option or if you feel I should go to a different route please do recommend. Also if there is another place where I can get a solid recommendation I would be open to hear that also, thanks

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