June 23, 2021

Best option for mobile push notifications?

Best option for mobile push notifications?

I'm building a line of business app – not a consumer/marketing type app. Based on various behaviors (user assigns task to another user, among other things), a user might need a notification that they have new tasks/messages/reminders/etc.

I'm running a .NET Core backend API in Azure already. The client apps are presently pre-release and just iOS, but we may add Android support in the future.

Best options I've seen so far…

  • Just do it myself. Directly communicate with APN and whatever Google's is called. Am I missing out on anything big or causing myself a lot of headache here? It doesn't seem overly complicated. Obviously I double the work needing to talk to both services.
  • Azure Notification Hubs. We're already using Azure, so this fits. However, it seems like there's a lot of extras here we just don't need. I'm not trying to market or track users based on this. It also comes with pricing. Free for 500 devices, then $10/mo for 200,000. This probably isn't a big deal if it saves a lot of time in various ways, but may be an eventual concern if we cross 200,000 devices.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging. This seems designed to do a whole lot more and seems to want deeper integration into their platform (based on all the docs). But it's listed as completely free. We already use Firebase for some basic app distribution (mostly testing). Is it really free for infinite devices & messages? That seems surprising. Can I avoid all the extra fluff and just get the notification on the device normally?
  • AWS? I expect they have something too, but we're not in their platform at all. No reason to go there unless it's an overwhelming advantage.
  • Something else?

Anyone using any of these and have a recommendation for or against?

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