July 3, 2021

Chrome browsing history in Android

Chrome browsing history in Android

I'm developing an application that needs to query my chrome browsing history periodically during a designated set of hours each day.This includes the Chrome browsing history of both my android phone and my PC laptop (Windows 10 if it matters).The solution I'm leaning toward is scheduling a php script that queries the 'History' sqlite file that chrome stores locally on my PC at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default.But my issue is that, as far as i've been able to investigate (using my sqlite DB browser to examine the data in tables of the 'History' sqlite file), the browsing history chrome stores locally on my PC is not "synced" with the chrome browsing history as recorded on my android phone, despite the fact that these browsing history orignate from the same google account.I kind of had this assumption going in that chrome just "combines" the browsing histories of all your devices and made them available at one place.

1) Is this assumption incorrect?

2) Is my whole solution in general flawed? Is there a better way to programmatically access your Chrome browsing history across all your devices? (without rooting your android)

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