June 28, 2021

CodingVM Community – Come learn software dev with us!

CodingVM Community - Come learn software dev with us!

Are you wanting to learn how to use linux or simply want to program but do not want to set up all of the tools to do so? Then you have found the right coding group! We are brand new and have a lot of features available for free for all users! Perfect for the beginner coder or even the experienced who just want to play around.

Feature List:

* Linux Command Bot – This brings 20 discord "shells" for any user to issue real commands to, the operating system responds back to the user.

* S2L – An interactive web shell which can only be interacted with using discord.

* Remote Desktop Access to the LinuxOS that powers our community

* A Web OS Build in NodeJS for easy access on the go.

* A privately hosted Git server running Gitea

* Online VS Code Access using our custom VSCode Generator

If you want to code, relax and have fun while doing so, join us today.

Discord Invite: https://discord.codingvm.codes

Our Wiki: https://wiki.codingvm.codes

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