May 11, 2021

Collaborating with Data Scientists

Collaborating with Data Scientists

A majority of data scientists come primarily from a stats/math background and often learn to code on their own or learn on the job. For whatever reason, understanding good coding practices, from version control to writing things modularly, etc. doesn't seem to be a high priority as folks tend to think "I know enough to get the job done." But as I've now worked as a data scientist in multiple organizations in the tech industry, it's shocked me how much work data scientists are churning out that isn't useful to anyone. I attribute a large amount of this to a lack of good understanding of both basic coding practices as well as the software development lifecycle. What are some of the worst and best experiences you've had in collaborating with data scientists as a software developer? What do you wish more data scientists knew/understood?

tl,dr: share positive and negative experiences collaborating with data scientists in software development

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