October 1, 2020

Data Handling in photo editing software.

Data Handling in photo editing software.

First time posting here.

So as the title says, I wanted to get an understanding of the data management techniques adopted in photo or video editing softwares like Lightroom, Premiere pro,etc. Is there some concept or material which I can read up?

To elaborate a little, these softwares don't overwrite the user data most times. So when an user is editing the data , does the application create a copy of the data for itself. Secondly, these tools have infinite depth in the undo redo stack (atleast Lightroom has). How is this undo redo stack implemented in the back end. Do they save the operation/mask or the data itself.

I also have a fundamental question. So say you have some data (video) which you want to process. How does saving the data in memory and reading dynamically compare with storing in code i.e. in a property of a class. To add to this , in the later case, will there be an issue if the data is big , as in the code memory will be associated with the ram right?

PS – First time posting here so do let me know if this ain't the correct forum.

Stay safe and thanks.

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