September 21, 2021

Good free artifact repository?

Good free artifact repository?

So I'm a professional dev who codes too much in my spare time. I know, I need other hobbies. Anyway, I'm trying to be a bit more mobile with some of my dev work, on account of having a puppy now who doesn't like being cooped up in my home office. To make things easier, I want to have an artifact repository where I can have stuff installed for easy access from any machine. Think artifactory, which I use at work, which sits between our dev environment and mvn/npm repos and contains all our own libraries.

I already use verdaccio for my npm libraries to help with deployment, but I'm looking for something that can handle maven ones too. Free, because I'm not paying for something for a hobby. Preferably docker/kubernetes based for ease of setup, but I'm not picky here. It would run on my desktop and be accessible anywhere over my LAN, and maybe even beyond that if I decide I want to.

Thanks in advance.

PS. Yes there are local installation methods that work fine, but constantly repeating and updating them on different machines to keep them in sync is annoying.

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