October 21, 2020

How to learn computer science and technology in general as a high schooler?

How to learn computer science and technology in general as a high schooler?

I am currently in high school and have spent a few months learning Python, of which I know the basics quite well. However, I don't really know that much more about computers (how they work, in-depth details, etc.) or technology in general and wonder how I can really learn computer science and as said technology by myself. I was thinking about learning C next, as it is lower level than Python, and afterwards start learning actual computer science (as CS isn't only programming obviously).

The courses CS50 and CS101 seem interesting, which I might take. Afterwards I'll probably learn some more advanced topics, for which I found a website called TeachYourselfCS (not sure if it's good). I am especially interested in simulations, game development, cybersecurity and AI, so after learning something I can do projects which apply these learned topics to something in these fields (for example do CTFs, create some game, write some machine learning algorithm, etc.). Obviously mathematics are also very important, which I am planning on learning in tandem to these other topics with Khan Academy, MIT OCW or some textbook. I found the course nand2tetris and the YouTube channel beneater, which I don't know if it's enough to learn about hardware. I am sure Physics is important for simulations and game development too, which I plan on learning with some textbooks after learning the necessary math.

How can I learn learn what I said in the title (if you know a better way/path than what I currently am planning on doing and what else should I learn and how, like for example computer engineering)? What resources do you recommend (if you know any which you think are better than those I mentioned)? How exactly would you go on to learning all of this (techniques, etc.)? Another question, how to learn about new, emerging technologies, such as robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, and similar?

Thanks 🙂

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