October 26, 2020

I need you to tell me what you need!!!

I need you to tell me what you need!!!


I have a concept that needs to be developed, a proof of concept and then full realization.

If I am walking into your office with this idea, it is not small at all, what should I be able to provide to you in order for you to understand the scope and what will be needed? Illustrations? Drawings? Flow chart?

How much detail do you want?

Your feelings on signing a NDA? At what time do you think I should ask for one to be signed?

How do I ensure I own the coding etc? What have you seen work?

What recommendations with respects to working with a developer do you have for the person who has the idea and needs it to become a reality? From your perspective as a developer?

If this is not allowed here I understand, please remove. I just thought it would be good to get a developers thoughts on the process from their perspective.

Thank you all,


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