June 5, 2021

Lpt: make a ui

Lpt: make a ui

A couple years ago I was working on a consumer of a new real time repository. The team responsible for the development of the rtr refused to learn the old database naming schemas so there was a biweekly meeting between our business team and their scrum master to determine which fields were incorrectly mapped.

I had gotten frustrated waiting for the updates and built a simple Java app to compare the relevant object from the old database with the new object from the api. I told my manager I had it but he kept waiting for the business teams analysis.

A couple weeks into my development I wanted to see how the multithreading prioritized each thread so I made a basic display to show the progress.

My manager saw me running it over my shoulder and became intensely interested.

It had been doing the same thing for weeks but now you could visualize it.

All of a sudden this program became the focus of every meeting, I had to create an official repository for it for the company and explain it to the guy who inherited it.

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