October 27, 2020

New PM – Need advice on how to organize a new product

New PM - Need advice on how to organize a new product


I'm a new product manager for a small software company. I've recently been assigned my first product. It's one I've inherited, and so I've been tasked with creating V2. We use Atlassian software; jira and confluence, and practice agile.

My question is regarding best practice for how to organize this product. Essentially, i'm getting stuck the hierarchy. At my company we use the typical agile issues types; epics, stories, tasks, etc. We also use the old-school PRD, which we use to describe product.

I'd like to start with a top level object and go down from there. Call is "Product v2," then break down into small features within the product. Should the top level object be the Epic? Then each of the downstream features be PRDs? And when is it best to use stories? I have a bunch of stories for many different features within this product, but I'm not sure how best to organize those either.


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