June 21, 2021

Policing what devs can / cant do via automation

Policing what devs can / cant do via automation

So, what are peoples thoughts on adding more and more checks and automation to commits / checkins etc.. to make sure devs arent doing things they shouldn't (Say, checking in a large binary, or, updating 'version' files, or other config files they shouldn't touch that are in the repo)


Educating the devs to not be doing bad things in the first place?

It's a bit of a back and forth where I am at the moment; do we want to add more and more little bits and pieces that check this, stop that, prevent the other, when really the dev's should be doing the right thing in the first place?

I can understand there is a place for checking innocent mistakes, but ouright 'you should not do this' events?

It ends up creating more administration, more automation code to maintain, more issues around access and control when emergency changes need making, etc.. a large number of 'warts and knobbles' start to accumulate around an otherwise straight forward process… and often born from a single mistake someone made, and then someone else pipes up 'oh, we could have prevented that with a check on the server side hooks' or similar…

So the cruft accumulates for problems that are hardly eve really yheree….

well. I think you can guess my point of view, but what do others think?

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