July 4, 2021

Should I change my framework? which one should i pick?

Should I change my framework? which one should i pick?

Hi Everyone, I want to start by saying that i'm a real rookie in software development, knowing almost nothing, and to contextualize the doubt that i'll present, i'll just say that I've an engineering background (finishing Uni) and started as a gamedev hobbist learning how to use Unity. Trough my learning process I started into an idea where I could apply engineering into a specific kind of musical contests.

I made some prototipes, went for some contests and got the well desired financiation (which is not much but i'm very happy to have it) to make it a real project, where i'll use the founds and also do my engineering's thesis.

I'm now at that moment of every project where you have so many roads ahead and you're not sure about which way to go cuz you realize how little you know. I could radically change the framework where i'm creating this software (Unity) or keep going with what i have.

About the functionallities, well, it's basically a metronome, so i need to have a precise time tracking system and be able to i.e. give parameters about "song x has 80 bpm and the count starts at the 12th beat" and being able to give to the user some feedback about it, which i think that every framework can do.

Unity is specially powerfull because, for one side, is easy to learn and i can very easily export to PC, IOS and Android, so i can use it in PC to make an overlay for contests (the main function that i seek, help with visuals in competitions) and with little effort also make training apps.

The problem of unity is that if i want to expand the app, permitting the user to record him/her self, Unity can access the cam and mic, but can't do a real time recording which would make this app soo cool.

Sorry for the huge text and my english. I don't know where to ask, so any tip or guide would be highly appreciated. I don't know where else to ask and Reddit has given me so much hahaha.

Even if you're can't help me, thanks for reading all this much.

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