October 7, 2020

Tech Startup Cofounder

Tech Startup Cofounder

Hey, I’m based in the United States (New York). Looking for a software engineer to cofound my startup with. It has generated interested from venture capitalists but I declined them because I would prefer to give equity to a cofounder.

The idea consists of a social media platform with numerous USP’s and value propositions, back by thorough market research. I’m a data guy, and the data shows huge demand for it. It has also been validated by user feedback. I have the designs and sketches I had put in my power point to show the VC’s, but I was hoping to find a cofounder to bounce ideas off and help in the overall process.

I’m a straight up, no bs, ambitious guy. Looking for a technically adept person to compliment my business weaknesses. As a cofounder, you would receive significant equity. Reach out to me for more details or if you’re interested.

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