September 19, 2021

Twitter Adds New Endpoints for Spaces via V2 of its API

Twitter Adds New Endpoints for Spaces via V2 of its API
Twitter Adds New Endpoints for Spaces via V2 of its API

In late 2020, Twitter launched Spaces, a new tool for group voice chats that was intended to enable a more robust experience on the Platform. Since that time, the company has been slowly expanding access to the product and is now expanding access to developer tools to support this growth. 

As of this announcement, the Twitter API V2 now includes new Lookup and Search endpoints that allow developers to search scheduled or live Spaces by Spaces ID, user ID, or keyword. These initial endpoints are intended to bolster support for creators by allowing them to better share their content. Twitter stated that:

“​​This will also benefit Spaces Hosts by making their conversations more discoverable and bringing more engaged listeners into their Spaces. And, with Spaces lookup, you can also begin to understand the public metadata and metrics associated with an active Space.”

While these resources should allow developers to build better search functionality and discoverability tools, Twitter also understands that developers will need better ways to manage the spaces that they are promoting. With upcoming releases, the company has committed to providing a suite of developers tools that should streamline Spaces management. The announcement noted that:

“We’re exploring functionality that will enable developers to build tools and solutions specifically for Spaces Hosts. For example, we are considering making certain metrics fields available via the API; enabling developers to build analytics dashboards and other performance measurement tools for Spaces Hosts.”

Make sure to check out the developer forums to get more information on upcoming releases.