September 19, 2021

[upcoming] Volt – A rust-based package manager that’s up to 12x faster than Yarn

[upcoming] Volt - A rust-based package manager that's up to 12x faster than Yarn

Volt is a rapid, lightweight, open-source, NodeJS package manager, written in Rust.

It is upto 10x faster than Yarn and 11-12x faster than npm.

Volt took 2.12 seconds to add next as a dependency – a large library with a lot of dependencies. Yarn on the other, hand took 12.25 seconds on the same network connection.

Volt uses a linking algorithm that ensures there is never more than 1 instance of the same version of a library on your machine, saving gigabytes of space in the long run.

Why would you be interested in Volt?

  1. Massive Disk Space Savings
  2. Rapid Package Installations
  3. Lower CPU, RAM Usage
  4. Significantly Lower Bandwidth Usage
  5. Large Cost Savings

When will Volt be released?

I've been working hard to add new features and make Volt robust. Right now, Volt is in a very early stage so it is not ready for use, however, the key mechanisms that make it faster and more efficient have already been put in place.

The best part? Volt is open source! If you would like to support Volt development or find the project interesting, a ⭐ would be hugely appreciated!

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