September 19, 2021

What to do about a “woke” team member.

What to do about a "woke" team member.

I inherited a team of developers, none of which I hired some are brand new, hired by HR and put onto my team on the same day I started. The team itself has been going for a few years. One member is 2 years out of school and is "woke". On the first all team meeting, she let it be known that she hates white people. She's VERY white and the team is all white and Asian. And was "appalled" that the code repos still have a "master" branch. Also the fact that we use Redis and MySQL that "insist" on using master/slave terminology is very unsettling to her and we need to move off them right now. I want to fire her immediately, just get her out of the team before her cancer destroys everything. I'm actually ready to just quit but I want to work there, just no where near little miss woke. I'm 50 and come from an easier time and before this I was mostly independent so I really have no idea how to navigate this kind of thing in a big company in this day. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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