September 21, 2021

What’s your experience with engineering processes?

What's your experience with engineering processes?

Hi Everyone,

Recently I worked at a company where the primary focus was on hitting deadlines, even if it means implementing a hacky solution, as long as it works. Needless to say over the 2 years I worked there we delivered a lot of features but at the cost of tech debt, implementing features nobody wanted, poorly designed solutions that crashed constantly in production, corrupted data in prod and angry users constantly complaining our stuff doesnt work. I felt helpless. Constantly repeating myself in "retrospectives" where my PJM and PDM only wanted to hear how we can do things faster, not more correctly. I left the company because I just could not cope with it.

There were a few people who really thrived in this kind of environment though. The short term goals and "getting stuff done" attitude seemed to suite some developers perfectly. This brings me to my question – what kind of engineering process do you prefer as a software engineer? Are you more of a Kanban person? Or do you prefer sprints? Or something else?

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